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The National Cadastral Transcript System provides nationwide cadastral information online. With this system, you do not need to apply for cadastral transcripts from a land administration office any more. From a PC or PDA, you can conveniently collect over the Internet an e-cadastral transcript containing the cadastral data of any land and building and land value in any counties and cities. Also, the legal effect of e-cadastral transcripts is the same as that of any paper cadastral transcripts. With the e-Transcript System, land administration service is ubiquitous!


Whether you are an ordinary citizen or professional real-estate worker (e.g. land registration agent, real-estate agent, bank worker, land valuation/appraisal worker, land developer, etc), this system is a super and efficient business tool.



Sean enters the e-Transcript System and enquires about the land/building number of a premises with the doorplate number. Next, he applies for 5 copies of transcripts. This time, Sean needs to pay NT$110.